Absolutely No Fees Due until your complex Achieves 100% VA or FHA Condos Approval

About The FHA Condos Approval Company



Our General Manager has been overseeing all aspects of VA and FHA condos approved since 2010. During that time he has learned all the big, and most importantly,  the little details of achieving VA and FHA condos approval. You would be surprised at how many items HUD/FHA or the VA require that are not in their approval guide. Failure to include these documents or info in your application will result in a rejection. Our manager knows them all!  

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Review Department


Our review department is very experienced with both the VA and FHA condos approval requirements. This allows them to fix potential problem before the application package is sent to HUD/FHA or the VA. If, on the off chance, that HUD or the VA wants additional information or documents our review personal know just what to send to make them happy.

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