The FHA Condos Approval Company's Initial Questionnaire


FHA and VA Initial Questionnaire

The 1st step in the VA or FHA condos approval process is to talk to your Property Manager or a Board Member and insure that they will go along with getting your Complex FHA or VA approved. If they say no then you can't get approved.

Step 2, if the board member or property manager says yes to the approval then you can  proceed to fill out our Initial questionnaire. If you would rather fill out this form by hand just click on the download button below, print the questionnaire, fill it out completely and then email, FAX or snail mail it back to us.

This questionnaire will tell us if your complex will qualify for FHA or VA Approval and, more importantly, what information and documents HUD or the VA will require.

In most cases your Property Manager or a Board Member will need to answer all the question about financial and legal documents and, a lot of the time, the rest of the questions as well.

Please Click On Download Button Below!

FHA or VA Initial Questionnaire (pdf)